Welcome to Happy Realty.

At Happy Realty, led by Vicky Yang and her dedicated team, we see beyond the structure to the essence of every home. Our approach is steeped in warmth and care, focusing on the dreams and aspirations of our clients. We ensure that every step of the journey both successful and deeply fulfilling.

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Our Core Values

We live our values everyday and they guide our actions and behaviours.

We value our clients; we recognise that each client has a unique set of needs, and we tailor our solutions and services to meet those needs. At Happy Realty are our key focus. We strive to create meaningful connections through extraordinary customer service. We are dedicated to building authentic relationships by earning trust through our genuine care and commitment to your property goals. Our clients often become lifelong friends and valued members of the Happy Realty family.

We value service excellence; we believe that having an agent who can support your property goals is paramount. At Happy Realty, we offer a high touch, personalised service. We aspire to continuously improving our business processes to ensure our customers receive the highest quality service.

We value integrity; we believe that honesty, transparency and accountability are the foundation of trust. We recognise that our clients have other choices in this industry and believe that our integrity is what sets us apart from our competition.

We value our community; our community is ever evolving and changing. We believe our work contributes to enhancing our community. We acknowledge our responsibility to give back to the community.